by Bishop L. J. Guillory

I KNOW WHY THE CAGED LION ROARS is a no ho-hum book. It is the poignant, personal saga of a man who overcomes his circumstances and now champions causes as he fights corruption in governmental and political agencies across the nation.

– Segment from the book –

“Vini began to speak loudly on the phone. It seemed that his phone rang a million times a minute. The airhead secretary buzzed in on the intercom, “Vini, it’s Russ Reagan on line one.” Vini, it’s Merv Griffin on line 2.” “Vini, it’s Tommy Lasorda on line 3” until my stomach couldn’t take any more. Something inside me pushed itself from my throat, and I said, “You fat rich fuck, you’re the devil!”

– Segment from the book –

“After having all of our pride and self-respect stripped from us, we were put back in chains with the other slaves. Next, we were led from cage to cage until we were divided into what seemed like 22 separate cages.”

What our Readers are Saying:

Dr. Tracy Andrus, Director of the Lee P. Brown Criminal Justice Institute at Wiley College (Home of The Great Debaters) wrote: “I Know Why The Caged Lion Roars” Riveting, original and a wake up call to those who thought that chandeliers and chardonnay was the rule of the day. Bishop Guillory exposes not only crimes in the streets but crimes in the Suites. A must read for all Americans and those interested in seeing a true glimpse of what it is like to be a politician.

Dr. Shirley Erwin McKellar, U.S Army Major (Ret.) is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of McKellar-McKellar-Ntaka and Associates Inc. wrote: I Know Why The Caged Lion Roars is one book that once you start reading it you will not stop until you complete it. It was well written, informative, and this book should be shared with all of our Nations Youth!
Dr. J. D. Smith, is the Founder of Institute for Social Justice, Inc. wrote: My Institute members told me about the book and they loved it! Someone took my only copy. So, I have got to get me another copy! I loved it but, I don’t know why someone would take my book. Well, I guess they wanted my copy to read. Betty, told me she enjoyed her copy, she bought two copies. Maybe I should have bought two copies. You better keep your copy put up because its a great book and someone will take it!
Are you ready for it?
African-American Quotations

I KNOW THE BITTERNESS OF being accused and harassed by prosecutors. I know the horror of being hunted and haunted. I have dashed across continents and oceans as a fugitive and have matched my wits with the police and secret agents seeking to deprive me of one of the greatest blessings man can have – liberty.


I have nothing more to offer that what General Washington would have had to offer had he been taken by the British and put to trial by them, I have adventured my life in endeavoring to obtain the liberty of my countrymen and am a willing sacrifice to their cause; and I beg, as a favor, that I may be immediately led to execution, I know that you have predetermined to shed my blood, why then all this mockery of a trial?


Have you grown to the point where you can unflinchingly stand up for the right, for that which is honorable, honest, truthful, whether it makes you popular or unpopular? Have you grown to the point where absolutely and unreservedly you make truth and honor your standard of thinking and speaking?


Message from Bishop L.J. Guillory

My name is Bishop L.J. Guillory and I am one of the United States’ most provocative political writers.

This book is a highly detailed account of my experience with some of the nation’s most influential black politicians. In my book, I will take you on a journey into the dark world of power and politics that ultimately led to my unjust arrest and incarceration.

I call it like it is with my unapologetic approach toward educating about corruption amongst public servants. After reading, you will clearly see who suffers when corrupt politicians serve themselves.

It took me decades of experience and courage to gather the necessary resources to create this content.

The insight you’ll get from this book can’t be obtained anywhere else, even so, many politicians would not want you to get your hands on this book just because of the hidden agendas that will be revealed in this book.

I Know Why The
Caged Lion Roars
(What Happens When Black Corrupt Politicians Serve Themselves)

About the author

A MILLION DOLLAR POLTICAL and Entertainment Consultant, Bishop, Unitarian Prison Minister, and most of all, an autodidactic, non-compromising Ombudsman General. He holds a Doctorate of Divinity in religious counsel from Bailey’s Temple and Christ Paradise Church Educational Institution at Tyler, Texas.

Bishop L. J. Guillory